Our data is as good as gold and we guarantee it!

At Goldleaf Data, we stand behind our promise to provide the most accurate and widest range data solutions to help you find new conduits to growth and success. Here at Goldleaf Data, we not only stand behind our data, but we tell you what it means by clearly spelling it out for you.

We Guarantee Our Data is as Accurate as Possible. 
We work hard to ensure that the data we receive and manage is the best available. But no data source is perfect. That's why we assume 100% responsibility for the accuracy of the data you purchase from us. We guarantee every piece of data we sell, and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase – for any reason – give us just seven (7) days to find and fix the problems and we’ll send you replacement data free, Guaranteed.

We Guarantee You Great Service. 
We strive to make our service among the best in the industry – friendly, responsive, and helpful. We keep working to make it better and better. If you purchase data from us and have a problem with it, call our office without hesitation. We guarantee that our representatives will solve your problem for you, period.

We Guarantee You Fast Delivery. 
Our representatives are understanding and respectful of your deadlines and will do whatever is humanly possible to meet your data needs. Our staff intimately understands what you need to make the right decisions for your business. If you buy data from us and don't feel we deliver it in a timely manner, simply let us know within 30 days of your purchase, and we'll give you your next data purchase for free, no questions asked.

We Guarantee to Provide the Widest Variety, Most Suitable Data. 
At Goldleaf Data, we devote 110% of our time, energy and resources to providing the widest range and most suitable data available anywhere.

We Guarantee our Data Will Help You Promote Your Business Better. 
Our mission is to help you get the information and insights you need to promote your business better. To that end, we promise to provide information solutions that can be found nowhere else, and will continue to stand alone as the unparalleled provider of data services in the industry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our Promise

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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