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Home & Personal Services

Home Services

Does your product or service benefit homeowners or property owners? Are you looking for a specific person or family to market your business to? Have you been searching for that perfect targeted list, focused entirely within your geographic reach? Goldleaf Data has developed marketing/data campaigns that specifically target households looking for a wide variety of Home Services. With Goldleaf Data you can tell your targets who you are and what services you have to offer. Tell them how to contact you and get those calls coming in... and most importantly – let them know you want their business! Goldleaf Data’s highly responsive marketing lists are a great asset to the marketing campaigns for the following industries:
  • Residential Home Builders & Remodeling
  • Roofers, Electricians, Plumbers, Heating & Air
  • Painters & Paint Stores
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscaping Services
  • Hardware Stores
  • Home & Garden Stores
  • Carpet & Flooring
  • Lawn & Garden Tractor Dealers
  • Carpet Cleaners & Cleaning Services
  • Pest Control
  • Home Furnishings Stores
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Sales & Services
  • Domestic Services
  • Furniture Rental & Leasing
  • And more…

Security/Alarm Systems

The Security Industry is more competitive than ever before. Local, regional, and national security companies compete aggressively for business in today’s marketplace. Standing out and having a marketing edge in the Insurance industry is just as crucial as the service you provide. Goldleaf Data’s affiliation with the Electronic Security Association (ESA) provides the insight necessary to offer unique, “first on the scene” marketing solutions for today’s security industry.

Goldleaf Data also provides highly targeted lists that have proven to be very responsive within the security industry. Our ability to target individuals/families who are predisposed to looking for a security system due to a specific life event allows our clients to tailor their sales pitch to meet the prospects’ need. These specialized lists for our Insurance Industry clients include:
  • Prenatal and Postnatal
  • Recent widows
  • Lifestyle Triggers
  • Crime Data
  • Hotline security data (prospects who have expressed a specific interest in a security system)
  • …And more

Goldleaf also has lists available for Home Warranties and Auto Warranties.

Financial Services


Goldleaf Data makes generating new leads easier than ever by providing you with data that is accurate, is up-to-date, and hits your demographic target. Our detailed lists provide you with the information you need to easily reach and qualify prospects so you do not waste time and resources on dead leads.Enjoy the benefits of having access to genuine prospects.

The insurance industry is built on many individual niche markets that require special attention in order to increase revenue streams and clientele bases. Goldleaf Data is a vital source for all your marketing data needs; insure that you are targeting the specific areas of focus for your insurance agency.

Merchant Services

Boost your Merchant Service Sales with Goldleaf Data’s proprietary new business data and business universe products. Are you targeting a brand new business? Do you wish to specifically target new restaurants or specialty retail shops? No matter your target audience, Goldleaf Data has the right list to help you reach your audience. With over 100k new businesses being opened every month throughout the US, Goldleaf Data can put you in touch with a business the day after they activate their phone service. Our business category list of over 700 targeted selections will allow you to pinpoint the specific type or types of businesses that may use your product or services.


The Cable/Satellite Industry is more competitive than ever with local, regional, and national companies competing for business. Standing out and having a marketing edge in this industry is just as crucial as the service you provide.

Goldleaf Data also provides highly targeted lists that have proven to be very responsive within the cable industry. Our ability to target individuals/families who are predisposed to looking for a cable provider due to a specific life events allows Goldleaf Data clients to tailor their sales and marketing strategies to meet the prospects’ needs.

Goldleaf Data also offers lists for Pay Day Loans, Mortgages, Real Estate and Pest Control. 

Medical Services


Need to put more clients in the chairs of your dental practice? Find the solution with Goldleaf Data’s rich sources of targeted lists and data services. Welcome people from the community into your office by specifically targeting your best type of patient as well as the recent movers in your area that have yet to decide who their next dental health care professional will be.

The sooner you reach prospective patients, the sooner you can help them avoid pesky cavities and other dental related health issues. Put a care-free smile on your face as well as theirs by driving new traffic to your office with Goldleaf Data, the competitive advantage in your local dental care market. 


Discover the key to success that many healthcare professionals have used for years - new mover data and targeted consumer data for marketing your practice to the community.

Research shows that the easiest way to increase new patient revenue is to be the first doctor new movers choose when they relocate. Goldleaf Data can help put your office at the top of the list by reaching these prospective clients before the other health care options are presented to them. Choose Goldleaf Data for the healthy and robust growth of your practice and community.


Goldleaf Data can give you the marketing reach you only dreamed of!

Big Box Retail, Education, Marketing Services, Call Centers, Lead Generation, Direct Mail, Marketing Firms and  Printing Services.

Truly customized prospect lists tailored to meet your niche market!

And There's Even More!

Data That Means Success

I n order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your direct marketing and sales programs, it’s important to keep your information current and accurate - a task that is often easier said than done when you are also busy running a business. Fortunately, Goldleaf Data provides powerful solutions that will make your job easier.

Our data solutions will improve your response rates, reduce your marketing costs, and improve the overall quality of your data. What’s more powerful than developing a targeted marketing strategy? We think it’s implementing your strategies with detailed knowledge of who your customers are and what their demographic and lifestyle characteristics mean to your marketing strategies!

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Interactive Suite

O ur cutting-edge interactive technology is a modern tool to help you build your brand, convert new prospects, and achieve greater profitability and market share. It may seem like an impossible task, but the Goldleaf Data Interactive Suite helps you communicate intelligently with your target audience by using their natural communication channels.

Through seamless integration of our proprietary interactive technology as well as advanced online services such as email, multi-channel marketing, search engine marketing, co-registration, email append and text messaging, your marketing strategies are enhanced, giving you greater opportunities to expand your market and touch the next generation of customers.

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The Gold Standard of Data Sourcing

G oldLeaf Data’s holistic, integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Suite makes it easier for consumers to find and respond to your marketing communications. We help you generate a maximum return on your investment by providing multiple venues to carry and reinforce your messaging to the recipient.
Using the latest in communications technology you are able to communicate with prospective customers via natural communications channels such as:
• Web sites
• Retail stores
• Mail order catalog
• Letter
• Email
...And many more!

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Get That Perfect List!

T here are times when the ordinary just won’t do! When you are looking for that one-of-a-kind for list for your unique project, let our determined Business Development Specialists do the heavy lifting for you. They will tirelessly scour multiple national, international, and niche market data sources to create just the right list - the specialty list you thought you’d never find! You see, we take pride in being the gold standard of Data Sourcing and that means the success of your project is important to us as well.

Some of the popular databases are
• Accountants / CPAs
• Ailments
• Automobile Owners
• Bankruptcies
...Click for more...

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Focus on B2B Telemarketing

T he Telemarketing Suite by Goldleaf Data ensures your message is received by the right person at the right time. We provide you with access to the highest quality Business and Consumer Telemarketing lists and leads. Our experienced Business Development Specialists are also available to assist you in developing and deploying your specific telemarketing strategies.

Mining business prospects often require a different approach from the direct to consumer strategies.
Telemarketing provides an excellent way to establish a connection with both well-established and new businesses. The opportunity to expand your business footprint in the marketplace will most certainly benefit from Goldleaf Data's comprehensive and accurate data sources

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